Count out three

Ainsley’s Blog is the first blog I viewed. Her blog gives fun information on interesting topics. On her sidebar, she first has her avatar which I find fun to know a bit of what she looks like. Dress Code is the post I read and commented on which had information on dress code that is a lot like the dress code at my school.

Abby’s Blog is the second blog I viewed. The background or theme of the blog is very interesting. It is defiantly an eye catcher. Click on the link to see for yourself. I viewed the post Hawksbill Turtle Art Project and found it very interesting to see the picture of her own art.

Nook’s Blog is the third blog I viewed. The home screen reminds me of sticky notes. The bottom of the blog has widgets that include blogroll, flag count, and recent posts. Images only is the post I viewed. This post was fun because it is like a game and you can figure out what a sentence means by just images.