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Being a swimmer, I am almost always hungry at school, at home, at swim, everywhere. And its not just me. Its most swimmers.  All the food we eat is used as fuel for swimming. Some times my family and I will go out to dinner and I will eat multiple meals or a whole lot of bread and butter. To most people this might sound funny or like a joke but after a swim meet I could eat a whole pizza all by myself. For example, last week I was with my mom and sister and we were going out to dinner. This was after my swim practice and we had worked very hard in practice so I was starving. I had ordered a salad, chicken, potatoes, and bread and butter. The waitress thought I was crazy and looked surprised when I ate it all. But I was not. Why you may ask, Because I am a swimmer.

Swim Story (WP2)


Before school had started, I had the end of my 2017 swim season. At the end of the season we had a meet called The Championship Meet which is our last meet we go to as a team and is also the last meet we go to that I can qualify for The meet of Champions. The picture above is a picture of what a race looks like in swim.

The Meet of Champions is a swim meet that you have to qualify for by having a shorter time than the qualifying time or by getting in the top ten times for your age group. It is very hard to make it into The Meet of Champions but Some people from my team made it into the top ten and qualifying times. For more information on The Meet of Champions and other meets go to https://www.teamunify.com/Home.jsp?team=moc .

Included for The Meet of Champions, were some of my friends, and also me. I was so excited. I had qualified for backstroke for being in the top ten, but the weekend of the meet was on my mom’s birthday. I couldn’t go to the meet but we did go on vacation and have a lot of fun. The picture below is of people swimming backstroke, which is what I qualified for:



One sunny Sunday morning while Keilani was on the beach watching over her sister and making sand castles while her parents are at work, she sees the usual neighborhood kids walking down the beach with surf boards. This is totally normal except for one thing, there was a boy who she had never seen before. He did not look like he was from around here, is what she thought to herself, he is probably on vacation or something.

The new boy, Jake, which she didn’t know at the time, was at the beach about to learn how to surf with help from his new neighborhood friends.

When they go in the water with their surf boards, Keilani sees that there is a shark behind them…

To be continued


Keilani, a wealthy teen girl who is from the island of Oahu in Hawaii, now living in Maui. Her home is a beach house right on a public beach where most people like to surf and boogie board at, on this beach is where she has grown up since the young age of three and has made friends here where they played in the sand. This is now what she likes to do with her younger sister Kamali who is 5.

Jake, a teen boy from Florida, who likes to play basketball and baseball. He is moving to Maui from his home in Florida because his mother got a work opportunity to move and will be getting a better payment for her job if she does. He has always wanted to try surfing and now he can on the beaches of Maui. His family is looking forward to a new life on the tropical island that is even better then their old home in Florida.


On the beach, in Maui, where the water is crystal blue and washes up on the soft sand. Where there is a light breeze around noon letting the palm trees lean to the side and the leaves blow, dropping coconuts onto the beach every once in a while. The temperature always warm but never getting up to the 100’s, and is always slightly humid, but just enough to be noticed. This is just living in a dream, on a beautiful island, in the Pacific Ocean.

Swim (WP1)

Welcome back to Swimming Life. Lets start with my swimming background. I have been swimming for 3 years and i love it. Usually I swim only in the summer because my local swim teams only swim in the Summer but this year I will be practicing all the way until November, but there wont be any meets, just practice. I am hoping I will improve a lot from the practice so at the next meet season of summer it will be much easier.

In swim there four strokes: freestyle, backstroke, butterfly, and breaststroke. Sometimes I will say free, back, fly, or breast, because it is quicker and easier to say. On my swim team I swim individuals and relay style races.  Some individuals include: 150 ft free, 300 ft free, 150 ft back, 150 ft fly, 150 ft breast, and a 300 ft IM which is all four stokes, one lap of each.

For relays we have 2. Freestyle relay and Medley relay (that is what IM is).  In both relays each of the four people will swim 150 ft of the total of 600 feet. In the freestyle relay, there are four people that each swim 2 laps of freestyle. In the Medley relay there are four people that each swim a different stroke.

Thanks for reading and come back next week for more swimming updates and posts.


About Me

Hi my name is Brooke and I am in 8th grade and am 13 years old. I live in the United States with my mom, dad, sister, and my two cats. A regular school day consists of going to school with 8 different classes.My classes include Team, language arts, history, web design, science, band, physical education, and advanced math.  I play school basketball and am a swimmer. During swim meets we have relay races that get very competitive. One time during a race at the championships when I was swimming, my goggles came off so I could not see in the water. I was swimming butterfly when it happened and on the A team for our swim team. We ended up getting in first place for our heat also known as race and we were very happy.